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Hi everyone! My name is Phillis (aka Vom Squad) and I could use some help. Some of you may know that last year, I moved in with family in suburban Minnesota. Unfortunately, this can no longer be. I have to move out on my own thanks to a vehemently queer/transphobic relative and a home life that I have to get away from ASAP and I’m relatively isolated where I am. My plan is to get back to Minneapolis where there are resources to help people like me and I can resume my life as it was in a city where I know people, and where I’m certain I can find temporary housing. I’ve also been put in touch with an agency that can assist with my job search.

Now the bad part: My food stamps have been cut off for as long as I’m still unemployed (a new federal rule). My only assets are state-provided health insurance and a cell phone and my name was recently legally changed. So now I need help with the following (anything additional is also appreciated): Click to read more

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♥♥♥ ❦ BIG TEETH UPDATE ! ! ! ❦♥♥♥

Read it HERE (scroll to where we last left off!!)

I’ll start breakin stuff into pages next time to make things easier but until then enjoy the new character and also these surly restaurant baras

come find me this weekend ~ ~ ~ 

new comic. “BIG TEETH”, the first part of what will be an ongoing thing, you can read it HERE:

COME FOLLOW THESE CRITTERS in their sordid friendship adventure


The proof is in and it is BEAUTIFUL! WOW! Buttons are on the way as well.

Shipping ETA for backers is still April - how lovely~ I’ll be ordering shirts soon!

BOOYAHH (art featured: emily partridge, jen & daniel, rory & sloane, caitlin rose boyle)

anyway, been quiet lately cuz i’m working on a new comic

everyone will be able to read it and it is about FRIENDSHIP

it’ll be up next month probably

a demon falconer or something

a demon falconer or something

We are on FAIA!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Wolfen Jump so far, and be sure to keep howlin’, we’ve got a couple weeks left! The IGG fundraiser link is right here!

We’ve gotten some pretty swell coverage here and here, neato!

To celebrate here’s me n’ Sloane n’ Jen’s lil critters euheuheuhe.

finished piece for HGS2 , a cool zine my pals are doing that you should totally do stuff for, the version with some color will be in thereee

finished piece for HGS2 , a cool zine my pals are doing that you should totally do stuff for, the version with some color will be in thereee