hey I'm rory, I live in seattle with some other cool people and I like to draw comics. I also do art for video games (A6studios)

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If you are concerned that a comic you ordered may have been lost in the mail, contact me as soon as possible!

🐺🐰 !!! BIG TEETH UPDATE, OH BOY !!! 🐺🐰

and it’s a BIG ONE, the end of ch.1!!! wow!!! if you haven’t started readin’, now is a very good time to start, I reckon

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commission of a cool ram guy who probably has a nice car

commission of a cool ram guy who probably has a nice car

hey you know what you should do, you should give me $$ to draw you as a fashionable member of the animal kingdom

that is a thing i would appreciate being able to do for you

i will be doing a minimum of one (1) of these per day and slots max out at 15 - feel free to show me clothes you like but also i can play with it however!

email “rorymorriscomics at gmail dot com” (which is NOT the same as my paypal fwiw, i’ll give you my paypal once we comisserate) — if you hit up my askbox for one of these i -will- redirect you there so please do that instead, put “FASHION ANIMAL” or at least “commission” in your message so that I can more easily organize them, thank you!

blowing this up for me would be highly appreciated

menu graphic maybe? idk i’ll use it for -something-