hey I'm rory, I live in seattle with some other cool people and I like to draw comics. I also do art for video games (A6studios)

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If you are concerned that a comic you ordered may have been lost in the mail, contact me as soon as possible!

wanted to draw somethin’ just for myself! I have a 3-day birthday weekend I’m pretty excited for~ So let’s allow the self indulgence to start EARLY

drew the main characters from my comic, Big Teeth, in a more atypical style hehehe

It would make me ever so happy for my b-day if y’all read Big Teeth, by the way! <3

right heeere

Or here (for phooones)



updated to have more recent examples, hehe, my queue’s windin’ down so I can take more of these again

ANYWAY, have you ever wanted to be drawn as a POSH AND FASHIONABLE ANIMAL OF SOME SORT, well luckily for you I will do that for you, for $20

my email, if you are interested, is ‘rorymorriscomics at gmail dot com’ - put FASHION ANIMAL in your subject! — My paypal is NOT the same as my email, but I do also have squarecash, we can work out payment once we’re talkin’ - feel free to show me what kinds of clothes you like, along with yr reference! I generally get one of these finished per day so the turnaround is fairly generous — do keep in mind that I have other jobs as well, however!

Refrain from sending me tumblr asks about this! I will always redirect you to my email!

reblogging this would be highly appreciated~

some pretty intense stuff on the way from a6, here’s a piece of one of my background assets for a secret thing

you should totes buy joylancer btw

🐺🐰 !!! BIG TEETH UPDATE, OH BOY !!! 🐺🐰

and it’s a BIG ONE, the end of ch.1!!! wow!!! if you haven’t started readin’, now is a very good time to start, I reckon

Read the update HERE!


Start from the beginning here! (Mirror for mobile!)


menu graphic maybe? idk i’ll use it for -something-