hey I'm rory, I live in seattle with some other cool people and I like to draw comics. I also do art for video games (A6studios & others)

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If you are concerned that a comic you ordered may have been lost in the mail, contact me as soon as possible!

Old Red 203X was a science fiction adventure game, developed by Tube Studios and published by Brain! Entertainment in 1996. The game puts you in control of Harley and Georgie, two burnout civil servants who find themselves at the center of an intense extradimensional caper. Due to egregious production errors, the game was never properly distributed, it is said that all remaining copies reside in an unmarked landfill outside Barrow, Alaska.

… NOT REALLY. I made these fake screencaps for fun. BUT, luckily for you fine people, OldRed203X is a comic, that you can preorder the first issue of right here! You will be able to read it on October 23. I’m having a blast working on it and if you sign up for Comixology you can read it long before it’s in print! How cool is that??

(awesome font by molly)